Culinary Adventures

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  • kneebanana ( 31M / Salem, OR )


    Outdoors and Saunas, Tropical settings

  • bushmanben ( 53M / Fitzroy North, Victoria )


    a beachside Greek seafood restaruant in the Greek islands followed by a skinnydip at dusk

  • dspierini57 ( 58M / Vancouver, BC )


    a nice home cooked dinner (made by me ) then a nice walk along the beach at sunset.then i am open to a nice long night of love makeing

  • Dallas_Tx_M69 ( 46M / Carrollton, TX )


    Since I like just about any kind of food. It's easy to find a good place to eat for a first date.

  • NCSU1982 ( 57M / Raleigh, NC )


    A wine bar where we can try different wine and get to experiment with food and drink.

  • Bigmouthful ( 67M / Pleasanton, CA )


    A romantic restaurant overlooking the ocean where casual attire can be worn. A Special bottle of wine chosen for the meeting that compliaments the woman's specific tastes... Fresh flowers placed on the table from the man  more>>

  • WestshoreMan ( 57M / Carmel, CA )


    Meeting at a funky bookstore or cafe for a cup of herb tea, a little something to eat, to see if there is mutual interest and chemistry.

  • DMango ( 24M / Joliet, IL )


    A good first date would be based around dinner and possibly a drink. and then maybe a walk thru the city or a park

  • ghazzy ( 46M / San Antonio, TX )


    Ok my first date would be having a little picnic lunch or dinner on a little blanket near some sort of water feature (ocean, sea, river, creek, river delta, burt water pipe, spouting fire hydrant, bathtub, slip and slide  more>>

  • CarmelMan ( 57M / Carmel, CA )


    Perhaps a meeting at a nice bookstore or art gallery, a little somethng to eat, a glass of herbal tea, a nice conversation, everything very relaxed, no pressure, just an enjoyable hour or two to see if there is any chemi  more>>

  • castanets77 ( 64M / Secaucus, NJ )


    Meet in a nice restaurant for a quiet dinner in a relaxed atmosphere where we can talk

  • Jaystouch ( 41M / Columbus, OH )


    I love new things. So going someplace that I haven't been us always a plus. I love the outdoors and everything to do with that so doing something outside is a plus.

  • lisaritch ( 30W / Chicago, IL )


    I think a great first date centers around food an conversation. Ideally at an outdoor restaurant. If things go well, and the weather is nice, it could be a really enjoyable walk back home.

  • swingingsirloin ( 61M / Sacramento, CA )



  • Weissenbacher ( 42M / Walkerville, Gauteng )


    Together round a camp fire with a glass of good wine with strawberry s and cream listening to the sounds of the night.

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